2017 Plenary Speakers Announced

We proudly to present two Plenary Speakers on Monday, May 22:

1. “Open Access and Data Sharing: Where are we on the Clinical Data Disclosure and Transparency Journey?” –Frank Rockhold, Duke University

2. “Biostatisticians and 21st Century Drug Development: Staying Relevant and Looking Forward” –Steve Wilson, FDA

2016 Midwest Biopharmaceutical Statistics Workshop

The 39th annual Midwest Biopharmaceutical Statistics Workshop (MBSW)


2016 Draft Program

Founders and Chairmen Emeritus: Charles B Sampson, Eli Lilly (retired), and Mir Masoom Ali, Ball State University

Workshop Chair: Ray Liu (Takeda)

Theme: The power and 3 I’s of Statistics : Innovation, Integrity and Impact

1st Plenary: Challenge. Change. Engage: Three Secret Formulae for Driving an Impactful Innovation (Dr. Frank Shen, Abbvie)

2nd Plenary: Significance Tests and Confidence Interval Approaches – Where Is the Duality (Dr. Yi Tsong, FDA)

Banquet Speaker: Accelerating Analytics With External Data (Dr. Charles Schick, Atigeo)

Short Course #1: An Introduction to Shiny, R Markdown, and HTML Widgets for R with Application in Drug Development (Phil Bowsher, RStudio)

Short Course #2: Graphical Approaches to Multiple Testing (Dong Xi, Novartis)

Special presentation on Wednesday morning: Leadership of Statisticians and programmers in the Future of Big Data and Computing (Pandu Kulkarni, Lilly)

Registration is Open!