2018 Short Course

Clinical Graphs Using SAS Sanjay Matange, SAS Institute Inc.

Graphs used in the Health and Life Sciences domain and Clinical Research have special requirements for display of data in a clear and concise manner including raw data and derived statistics. Data needs to be displayed by treatment, visit and other classifiers along with related information such as Subjects at Risk aligned with the horizontal or vertical axis.

This presentation will introduce you to the key concepts of the SGPLOT and SGPANEL procedures including the layering of plot statements to create the clinical graph. We will review the process and features by creating graphs commonly used in the Pharmaceutical industry. These include Mean Change in QTc by Visit, Distribution of ASAT by Time and Treatment, Survival Plot, Forest Plots, Adverse Event Timeline, Waterfall Chart for Change in Tumor Size, Distribution of Maximum LFT Values by Treatment, Swimmer Plot, Panel of LFT Shifts by Treatment and Immunology Profile.

Audience: Graph programmers

Required: Basic SAS programming skills.

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